In the "PopRocky" and the "Bravo" were repeatedly printed autograph cards attached. At the beginning I collected the printed cards. I each issue are also autograph addresses published, once the address of Thomas Gottschalk. I wrote him a letter. A short time later, I got my first original signed autograph. That was in 1985. At the beginning it was quite expensive because every time I enclosed an international reply coupon and an envelope with my address. Each international reply coupon did cost approximately CHF 1.80. My mother did spend the money for it and made this hobby possible for me !

Through my membership at Swiss autograph collectors club I learned that also secretary- or autopen signatures exist. Many famous people receive so much fan mail that it is simply not possible, all to answer. Elizabeth Taylor and Clint Eastwood are just two examples, which are known for its secretary-signatures. An autopen is a machine for automatically signing a signature as an autograph. Donald Rumsfeld has admitted increasingly autopen signatures to send. Have a look at, there are a lot of useful informations about secretary-, in person- or autopen signatures.

My collection currently includes 5035 signatures (as of June 9th, 2016). I am a little choosy: will not have any personality signatures in my collection. I collect autographs from personalities where are sympathetic or where their work impress me. I still regularly write letters asking for autographs. I do not send any international reply coupons anymore, in meantime, I have stamps from many countries.

My collective passion has expanded. I try to meet the famous people personally. In my blog (only in german) you can read, whom I met. There are some interesting names.

If you have any questions or want to contact me otherwise, then write to frage(at)

So now I wish you a lot of fun on my website